Novastar Mission


Our mission is to nurture and cultivate personal excellence in every student, building self-confidence, a love of learning, and the mind-set that success is attainable so that each student will enjoy a prosperous journey throughout his or her academic life and beyond.



Core Values

Everyone Has the Ability to Shine We believe that every student is a star, and NovasStar Prep aims to help each student become the brightest version of themselves. We all learn in different ways. NovaStar Prep guarantees that we will find the best tutor to match your student’s specific needs. Our positive and creative approach unlocks untapped academic potential in every student.  


Proper Strategies Can Take Your Child To New Heights Preparation for anything in life requires a strategy. Our tutors work with students to create and implement strategies that will pave the way for academic success. Whether they are taking exams, completing coursework, or preparing for SAT / ACT tests, using a deliberate learning strategy will greatly enhance your student’s level of success.  


One-on-One Education Can Transform a Student’s Life Students often get lost in the classroom, with their misunderstanding of subjects stemming from a lack of proficiency in other core elements. For example, a student will struggle in chemistry due to a weak command in Algebra, which is a core component of chemistry. Focusing personal attention and individual assessments for students gives us the ability to properly understand where problems lie and tailor tutoring strategies to fit these needs. Your student will gain a fuller appreciation of academic subjects as a whole as well as improve in individual classes.  


Critical Thinking Is for Life Education is more than the ability to remember facts and figures. True education stimulates original thought and creates students who can think critically and understand how information learned in school applies to the real world. A proper handle on these skills takes students far in their academic careers, but also prepares them to tackle everything the world may have to throw at them!  


Confidence Is a Process It is sad how quickly students can lose faith in themselves in the classroom. Often we find that a large proportion of any underachievement comes from a simple lack of confidence, which is why we focus on creating realistic goals and watching students’ confidence and academic achievement grow together. The difference that can be made by just a five percent gain in test scores can hugely boost a student’s confidence. Over time, continued success causes confidence to grow both academically and personally.  


The Best Teachers Can Inspire The classroom often seems like a tiresome and dull place to students and many wonder if what they are learning in school matters at all. Our tutors believe that academics are the foundation for understanding the world, humanity, and even the universe. Inspiration is passion, and passion is the key to success!

Frequently Asked Questions


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Is Novastar Prep the right choice for my student and me?

We provide specialist tutors for all students, whatever their needs. Our belief is that every student has the ability to succeed; they just need to gain confidence and be given the proper tools. To discuss your needs further with one of our education advisors call (703) 435-9494.

What kind of screening does Novastar Prep do before selecting a tutor?

To make sure that we provide nothing but the best tutors we have an extensive screening process. This includes a thorough criminal background check, verification of all qualifications and references, and a lengthy interview process. This way, we ensure that we only provide the best tutors for our students. We only take on a tiny fraction of those who apply.

Does Novastar Prep take on special needs students?

Absolutely! We have a range of tutors with varied specialties that can cater to any and all circumstances--from reading issues to students who are certified learning disabled.

How do you know which tutor is the right match for my student and me?

We have a long history of working with students and have developed in-depth processes to find the right match for you and your student. Our tutors can cater to a variety of needs, goals, circumstances, and personalities, and our education advisors work very hard to understand each studentā€™s needs before assigning a tutor. Should you find that your student is placed with a tutor that isnā€™t a good match for any reason, we will reevaluate the situation and find you a new tutor who fits your needs. Your satisfaction is our priority.

In what subjects do you offer tutoring?

Novastar Prep offers one of the widest ranges of subjects and services you will find in any DC Metro tutor program. From Pre-K to college courses, test prep to organizational skill development, we offer it all. To see our full list of subjects and services please visit the ā€œOur Servicesā€ page.

How frequent are the tutoring sessions, and how long do they last?

We tailor our instructional programs to the needs of each individual student, so the frequency and length of the tutoring sessions depend on your specific situation. The strategy we implement will be based on maximizing learning potential and your circumstances. What is important to us is that your student receives the skills that they need, and if necessary, you can extend the amount or length of tutoring sessions at any time.

Where can the tutoring sessions take place?

Pretty much anywhere! Novastar Prep believes that education should be comfortable and convenient. Our tutors will meet with your student at a venue of your choice, whether that is your home or the local library.

Do I need to purchase educational materials or resources for the tutoring sessions?

Our tutors will work from your studentā€™s textbooks and curriculum. If the tutor believes other resources will be useful, they will discuss this with you.

How will I stay informed about whatā€™s happening in the tutoring sessions?

We believe that communication is key. Our tutors will be on hand to discuss your studentā€™s progress at the beginning and end of every session and will fill out a weekly Tutor Feedback Form documenting your studentā€™s academic progress, notable changes, and ideas for future sessions. It is our belief that tutors should be a part of the greater educational support network for your student, and we seek to work with parents, teachers, and other professionals whenever possible.

How can I measure results?

Novastar Prep wants your student to succeed. Our definition of success is when your student gains confidence, skills, and knowledge. One way to see how your student is progressing is to ask them questions about their studies and gauge their confidence levels in discussing it with you. In addition, our tutors are always on hand to discuss your studentā€™s progress.