What is Superscoring on the SAT?

by Dr. Emily Matson, Test Prep Specialist

When colleges superscore an SAT, they take your total highest scores instead of just your combined scores on a particular day you took the SAT. For instance, say you take the SAT twice. The first time, your score is 700 Verbal, 640 Math. The second time, your score is 600 Verbal, 710 Math. Your composite scores would be 1340 and 1310, respectively. However, your superscore would take your 700 Verbal score and your 710 Math score for a composite score of 1410. 

Of course, superscoring only works if you take the SAT several times, which is what we recommend that you do. For colleges that accept superscores, it is more than just due to altruism; accepting superscores can actually help improve a college’s overall ranking by admitting students with higher overall SAT scores. 

Want to learn more about strategies for superscoring? Stay tuned for our next blog post! 


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