How the Unorganized Become Organized

The first obstacle you face when your student does not have innate organizational skills is that helping your student become organized will take some time.

The second is that finding a method that works may involve a lot of trial and error.

Developing organizational skills takes time, effort, and cooperation to become habits. The goal is to develop skills that your student can incorporate into their normal habits and will help them. Continue to encourage your student when they don’t get it right and remind them to start again and keep trying.


Tips for Getting Organized:

First and foremost you must give your student the ownership of any change that needs to happen. Only your student can tell you what will and what won’t work for them or what they are or are not willing to try. If they do not like they plan put in place, then they will be less likely to put effort into changing their routine to incorporate that plan. Instead, experiment with finding several techniques for your student to choose from.


Pick one place designated for studying with as few distractions as possible.

Keep a chart of their classes close by so they can go down the list when they sit down to study to jog their memory about assignments.

Keep a chore list of what to pack to get ready for school when they are done studying.

If your student has block schedules then keep an A-day list and a B-day list.

Set a consistent time for studying.

The more structure you can put into studying at night and preparing for the next day, the better prepared they will be for the next day.

Color-coding folders by subject is a common technique for keeping papers in the same place.

Designate one side of the folder for assignments that need to be done, and one side of the folder for assignments to be turned.

If your student has block scheduling, keep one binder for all their classes on A-days and another for B-days. When they go to their lockers, they only need to grab one binder.

Help your student decide on a routine that they should follow when they enter their classroom.


No matter what methods your student uses to stay organized, write down that routine on the inside of their folder. Seeing that list every day will help them to develop their new skills. Also, consider communicating with your student’s teachers so they know about their student’s new organizational efforts. Ask the teacher to help to encourage the student.

With time and dedication, your child will soon develop the skills to stay organized and build their confidence about studying.


Written by Novastar Prep tutor, Jeanette M.


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