The COVID-19 Advantage Blog Post by Devanshi Patel (Novastar Prep Learning Coach)

During the past few months, you may or may not have enjoyed your time at home. For some of us, it took a few weeks to get accustomed to this new lifestyle that was unexpectedly, and maybe even unwantedly, handed to us. Regardless of how you feel about these circumstances, remember to use this time to your advantage. Although you may have dodged the coronavirus, you may still be a victim of it indirectly by letting all this time go without meeting any personal or educational goals. Lucky for you, there is still lots of time as the year ahead of us will be very different, even with schools opening back up. Well, what should you do?

  1. Reflect and create goals. Think about your short-term and long-term goals. Where do you see yourself in the future? What can you do NOW to get there? Write them down. If you’re creative, create a vision board!
  2. Make a game plan. Goals can only be accomplished with an action plan in mind. Once you figure out what you want to achieve both now and in the future, figure out how you are going to achieve it. During this step, it is advised to reach out to someone you look up to. This could be one of your learning coaches from Novastar Prep, a friend, family member, anyone! Talk to someone who can listen to your goals and provide you with a practical approach to your plan.
  3. Start hustlin’ !! Once you have a game plan, get right to it. Don’t wait for Monday, don’t wait for a new month. Get. Started. Right. Away.
  4. Be patient with yourself. If you aimed to get a 200 point increase in your SAT score, do
    not expect that in a week. Likewise, if you want to become stronger but don’t see results,
    don’t feel discouraged. Most of all, don’t compare yourself to your friends or peers.
    Everyone works differently so make this your journey and own every part of it.
  5. Take some time off of social media. This is an important one because “5 minutes” on
    TikTok or Instagram easily turn into an hour – from the youngins to the adults, these
    days, we ALL know it’s true. Stay focused and do not let social media distract you.
    Another downside of social media is that it leads you to compare yourself to others. This
    could be potentially dangerous as it can throw you off your path.
    At the end of the day, COVID-19 did incredible damage to our country, our schools, our families,
    and in our personal life. However, there’s a silver lining that cannot go unnoticed – extra time to
    fulfill your goals, passions, and dreams. Always remember, you can only reach your long-term
    goals by accomplishing the short ones along the way.


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