Test Prep: What you need to know

Change is inevitable and we want to assist your student in paving the way for their college education. SAT modifications are being implemented that will affect the class of 2017. Proper test prep is critical for the new exams. Our talented and experienced tutors know what it takes to strengthen each student in the math and reading/writing portions of the exam, set attainable goals, and build their confidence as they prepare for this timed exam.

Our tutors provide an in-depth session and focus on your student’s comprehension and problem-solving skills. The following information provides details on both the current and redesigned SAT:

We here at Novastar Prep want to provide the best resources possible to achieve academic success and aid in your student reaching their full potential. Call us for more information on our guaranteed results and how we can start a match for the best tutor to prepare your student for one the following test dates:

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