Study Tips: Part 2

  • Study before bed: Studying before bed has actually been proven to help your brain better retain the information. If you study right before bed, the extended deep sleep essentially more effectively roots the information in your brain as opposed to if you studied hours before bed. That being said, don’t try to cram every bit of information in before going to sleep! Rather, try a comprehensive, but brief, overview of the material instead J.
  • Get enough sleep: Although studying before bed improves information retention, it won’t help if you don’t get enough sleep before test day! Exhaustion can prevent you from thinking clearly and recalling the information you previously studied.
  • Stretch and be active: Stretching and moving your body can actually promote attention thanks to proprioception. Proprioception refers to the sensory input in nerves and tendons you experience when you stretch, push, press, etc. For those with ADHD, this moving your body can especially aid in concentration.
  • If given study guide, use it: There is a reason teachers create study guides—it’s a huge hint of what is going to be on the test! Filling out a study guide prior to the test is essentially like following a road map. It will also help show you information that won’t be on the test, so therefore portions of information that you don’t have to worry about studying!
  • Avoid distractions: Although this may seem like a no-brainer, this is especially important to remember in regards to social media. There are apps, restrictions, and timers you can use to prevent yourself from wandering on social media. Your studying will be faster and more successful if you can avoid the temptation of social media and other distractions—save it for a break instead!


Written by Catherine F., Novastar Prep Coach


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