Study Tips for Auditory Learners

Who are Auditory Learners?

Auditory learners learn best through hearing information. They tend to remember things that have been said to them better than information presented in charts, diagrams, and in print.

Note: While the ideas below are geared towards the strengths of auditory learners, this information can be beneficial for all learners.


Study Strategies for Auditory Learners

Find a study partner or study group so you can talk through information and hear it as well as see it. This can be as formal as a study group with classmates or as informal as your parent quizzing you on vocabulary. Talk out the information you need to understand and remember.

  •  Read information aloud to yourself. Hearing yourself review information will help you remember it.


  •  Create tapes of material you need to study for tests. Reduce your notes down to the most important points and main ideas. Record yourself reviewing this material so you can listen to it when you study.


  •  Create musical mnemonics. If you need to memorize a list of information put the information into a favorite tune. It can be as simple as the Happy Birthday song or as complex as an all-out reworking of the musical “Hamilton”. Sing your musical mnemonic to yourself when studying and in your head when test taking.


  •  Ask if you can record lectures. If your teacher or professor doesn’t mind, you can listen to the lectures to study.


  •  Take advantage of learning media. Find a great podcast on Dante or an excellent learning video that tells you how to solve that trigonometry problem. If you find a strategy that works well in one subject, look for ways to adapt that strategy to your other subjects. Once you identify your strengths as a learner, use them as often as you can!

Written by Sarah Kamm, Novastar Prep English and Science tutor


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