How to Study for the SAT and ACT

The countdown to the SAT and ACT begins next week! Students need as much time as possible to practice the new SAT, which was only recently updated this year. The worst thing to do is wait until the last minute to start studying: cramming is never effective! If your child needs help studying or taking notes, we’ll provide tutors who specializes in testing strategies and study skills.
We have all of our student’s best intentions in mind and suggest these helpful tips:

#1. GO ONLINE: At , students and parents can find test dates and locations, study tips, practice tests, assessments, and more!

#2. STUDY THAT VOCABULARY: Read everything you can get your hands on! Reading the dictionary and memorizing definitions out of context isn’t nearly as powerful as reading those SAT words in use. Look into “Not Too Scary Vocabulary,”

#3. PRACTICE MATH: The math portion of the test has changed! Experts recommend studying Algebra II skills. Those basic skills are heavily used!


In preparation, don’t worry about studying for hours every day! Rather, practice weekly as opposed to daily. It’s less stressful to break up the studying and testing rather than trying to get better day by day. Therefore, give yourself a break between practice tests and you’ll see yourself improve. Daily testing leads to stress and burnout!



Before you take the test, there are ways you can preemptively improve your score!

In math: Memorize critical formulas.

In the critical reading: Read and study essential vocabulary. Try to use those words naturally in your daily life! As a result, they’ll become second nature. On the big day, try to fish out the words that don’t make sense. Then, eliminate unlikely answers rather than rationalize why certain words could work.

In the essay: Keep your focus narrow. Practice writing short essays daily. Also, start a daily journal, writing a little every day and going back to proofread your own work.  We recommend looking at


Most importantly, just relax. The SAT and ACT are important. However, they are not life-altering. You can take it again and again to improve. Don’t get defeated if you don’t get a perfect score the first time. Set reasonable goals for yourself and create a plan to get you there, including finding an experienced tutor!

Ready to start practicing? Follow this link! Good luck!


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