Students Interested in Pre-Medicine: How to Get Started Early

Many students interested in the pre-medical field are unsure of how to get started and what they can do in high school to prep them for the journey ahead. In this blog post, we will be discussing some ways you can get started now to make yourself a successful candidate for a future career in medicine.

  1. Your GPA is important. Extremely important. Do not take high school lightly. Doing well in your classes can show your long-term capabilities and that you are more than just a standardized test score.
  2. The SAT matters. Yes, you are more than just one test score. But unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that your test score is discounted. Thus, ultimately, it is important that you do decently well on the SAT. Luckily, you have the opportunity to work with great tutors at NovaStar Prep to make that happen.
  3. Choose your classes wisely. Colleges want to see that you are a student who is willing to take on challenges and take tougher classes, but also do well at them. Take honors and AP/IB classes to show that you can handle college level classes. And for pre-medical students, it is extremely important to diversify your science profile and have a strong science GPA. If your school offers anatomy and/or physiology, those would be helpful classes to take as well.
  4. Get to know the medical field. Whether this means that you volunteer at a hospital, shadow a doctor at a clinic, or observe a procedure in the operating room, it is important to show that you have some experience in the medical field that has validated your interest in medicine. Be an active participant in your learning. Ask questions, take notes, and offer to help where you can. Show the doctor you work with that you are interested. This can make a lasting impression, and can even help you obtain a future letter of recommendation. If you have a meaningful patient encounter that you observe, write it down. This may be something that can be helpful to write in your personal statement.
  5. If possible, go on a medical trip abroad. Of course this isn’t possible for everyone to do, but now there are some opportunities to get involved even as a high school student. Programs such as these train students to take blood pressures and get a basic intake to be more involved in the medical care of a patient. Going abroad can also provide insight about health care outside of the states and how medical care differs depending on the population you work with.
  6. Have some leadership experience. As a future medical professional, it is important to show that you can be a leader. Whether this experience comes from holding a position on the executive board of a club or organization or being the captain of a sports team, there is a valuable skillset that you attain from these positions that show your capacity as a leader.
  7. If you are set on medicine, look into guarenteed medical programs . Many pre-medical students do not know this, but one can get accepted into medical school right out of high school. There are several combined programs that exist in the US (BS/MD or BS/DO programs) that allow you to pursue a medical degree based on your accomplishments in high school. These programs are extremely competitive, but if you can show that you are a good fit, this can save a lot of stress in the future with applying to medical school.

We hope you found this post useful. If you would like to see more posts related to the medical profession in particular, comment below and we will make it happen. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Written by: Tulsi Shah – Novastar Prep Learning Coach


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