Strategies for Superscoring

by Dr. Emily Matson, Test Prep Specialist

  • If you want to use superscoring to your advantage, there are a few strategies that can really help boost your scores. First, plan on taking the SAT multiple times. Second, leading up to each SAT, focus on a particular section. For one SAT, focus most of your preparation energy on the Verbal; for the next, focus on the Math. 

  • Don’t worry about taking the SAT too many times, either – unless you take it more than 5 or 6 times, schools are more than happy to superscore! However, make sure that each time you take it you put at least a moderate amount of effort into both sections – colleges may be thrown off if, say, you score a 700 on Verbal on one test and a 400 on Verbal on the next. 

  • Also, make sure you research which colleges superscore and which do not! For a comprehensive list, stay tuned for our next blog post! 


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