Recipe for Success in School

School days can be both exciting and hard at the same time; especially in today’s 21st century.
Students today have to have so many different items during the day and they also learn a lot during the
school year. Having a good recipe for success is a wise solution in keeping pace with the fast track
school day. The recipe for success will be described and laid out in great detail in three points.
Point #1 – Get the ingredients
Knowing what ingredients you need ahead of time and getting them out is always a first step for
success because you must know what materials you need before you make or create the finished
project. Just like gathering items in order to make a cake, having a successful year requires lots of
materials or ingredients that help students learn. An example of these special ingredients are
computers, laptops, pencils, notebooks, passwords, pens, backpacks, lunchbox, and an IPhone. In order
to make a successful student, the student should over the course of the year acquire the ingredients of
responsibility, self-manage, self-sufficient, and acquire emotional intelligence. All of
these ingredients are so helpful to students who need these items every day at school.
Point #2 – Read the recipe
Reading a recipe can be very easy and hard in the cooking world, but in the educational world it
means for the student to be their own advocate. The student learns to be their own advocate by
learning how to voice their own concerns, learning how to speak for themselves, and learning tips to
communicate with their teachers and their peers. The way students can become advocates for
themselves is through positive reinforcements. If a student speaks or asks questions in class, then the
teacher gives out verbal or material praise. Other examples are acquiring life-long learning skills and
believing that the student can succeed in life.
By doing this, the student will become more of an advocate for themselves and voice their concerns.
Point #3 – The finished product
Just like when baking a cake after gathering ingredients, following the recipe, and baking it; the
finished cake arrives. The finished product for students that has a successful recipe is a student who has
all their ingredient supplies, becomes more of an advocate for themselves, and enjoys good grades and
reports in a successful school year. Also, the finished product for a student is sharing what knowledge
they have gained over the school year and pass it to someone that needs their help.
Other examples of what teachers look for in the finished product of a student are that they are trusting,
flexible, caring, diligent workers, advocates, scholars, achievers, doers, takes initiative, acquire time
management skills, good listeners, and produces good evaluations at school.
Helping others is always not only a good example of an excellent scholar, but showing students that they
can help others and pass what they know to another student so they can become excellent students.
Recipe for success goes for pretty much anything in life, but definitely in school. School has lots of
ways to be successful, but understanding the parts in becoming successful is vital for a successful school
year. The keys to having a good recipe for success is to know your teachers, know your advocators,
know your principle, and know how to get help when needed. Recipe for success is a good way for
students to be successful; it shows them the key of life.

Written by: Marcella Hays – Novastar Prep Learning Coach

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