Parents: How to be Involved in Your Child’s Learning

Let’s face it – your child’s education is important to help them build a stable career and sometimes, children are too immature to realize it. So how can you be involved in your child’s education without being an annoyance?

  1. Start Early. Try to be involved from the beginning of their education – as early as elementary school. You can even start before kindergarten by reading to your child, teaching them how to read, and teaching basic math skills using simple objects.
  2. Help with homework. This can easily be a bonding experience if it becomes a ritual. If you have your own work to do, sit with your child and do your work with them so they have company. You being there will help keep them on task and improve their concentration. Plus, you can always assist them with any questions they have.
  3. Review the homework. This may be tougher if your child is older, but when your child is young, you can review their homework to make sure their work is correct with simple concepts such as sentence structure, vocabulary, and basic math principles. If they get questions wrong, ask them to try again and/or walk them through the process of answering the question.
  4. Encourage your child to read. Many important skills are acquired from reading including comprehension, analysis, vocabulary, and using words to communicate. This is an important task to keep up with even later in their education.
  5. Ask them about their day and what they are learning. This is a quick way to remain engaged in your child’s education. That way you know what they are currently learning and how they are doing in their classes.
  6. Hire a tutor. Talk to your child about how their classes are going and see if they are struggling with any subjects. If they are, tutoring is never a bad option! It can help your child stay on track and most of the time, you will see a significant improvement in their grades.
  7. Talk with the teachers. It’s not a bad idea to check in once in a while to see how your child is doing. Additionally, teachers sometimes have after school review sessions and other resources that may benefit your child.

It is extremely important to encourage open conversation with your child so you understand how they are doing in school. Checking your child’s progress is certainly important, and it is best to sit together and have a discussion about it. This would be the perfect time to chat about how things are going and whether there is a need for a tutor.

Hope these tips help! It is perfectly okay to be involved in your child’s learning. Always have an open conversation with your child so everyone is happy and able to succeed!

Written by: Tulsi Shah – Novastar Prep Learning Coach


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