Importance of Positive Reinforcement

The Importance of positive reinforcement in Student learning

At Novastarprep, we realize that all of our students are shining stars! Nothing helps stars maintain their brilliance and clarity more than the self-confidence that can come from positive reinforcement. We all like to be encouraged and rewarded for our endeavors, and we realize the importance of incorporating this into our teaching strategies.
The use of positive reinforces does not need to be complicated, elaborate or expensive. The most fundamental requirement is that it be tailored to the preferences of the individual learner. And….finding out what those preferences are requires spending time with a student – finding out their hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes and goals.
Examples of reinforcers are:

  • Verbal praise – who doesn’t like words that acknowledge a good job?
  • Preferred activities – can be immediate or a long-term goal to be attained,
  • Favorite displays of achievement – a special notebook for completed assignments, a certificate of accomplishment, or for younger children, favorite stickers to be used after en assignment is completed successfully.

The types and kinds of reinforcements that we can use to inspire, motivate and reward our students are as limitless as the strengths and “star” qualities of the “shining” individuals we work with!


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