Homework Goals

When you think about homework, you probably think about time at home that may cause lots of stress because some children will not sit down and do it. They’d rather be anywhere or do anything else! For example, the percentage of students who use their electronics or telephones before they even think of studying is about 99%!


But let’s face facts: Children need to get the homework done before they can use the electronics. Using homework goals is so important because children can feel that they can accomplish something, have fun at the same time, and feel like they’ve earned time with their electronics.


Make Homework A Priority


Homework is necessary to retain what students learn in class. You can make homework a priority by using this type of goal: The child will do their homework before they have time to play. It is important to maintain open communication and make sure that you set the boundaries. Establish a rule that “homework time” comes first, and everything else can wait!


Use A Timer

By using a timer, you can time how long your child needs to do their homework sessions if they are having trouble staying on task. Depending on your child, set a goal together that breaks up studying into “chunks:” work for about 20 or 30 minutes, then when the timer goes off, take a 10 minute break, resetting the timer between each study period and break. Give your child ownership of their education by letting them set a timer when they sit down to start working. Keep in mind, some younger children may need shorter study intervals, around 10-15 minutes.


Give the Child A Choice

Children as young as a year old love to have a choice in making simple decisions. Homework generally is one of those simple decisions that they can accomplish. So, let your child decide what they want to work on first. By using this simple goal, homework time is now a pleasure! They are in charge!


Start teaching your child how to set simple goals, and you will see a more organized and confident student. Homework goals are a huge stress-reliever, not only for parents, but children as well. With good practice, they can use these skills later in college and beyond!




Written by Marcy H., Novastar Prep English tutor


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