Best Practices in Learning for Students in Special Education

Special education is a very special area of education that not only takes the teacher to help the

student, but a whole team of educational professionals.   Within a collaborative effort, the whole

educational team can come together and focus on certain aspects that will help the student thrive not

only in the classroom, but in the real world.  However, there are two visible problems; the disability

itself and the challenges that come with it.   With certain strategies that special education brings, this

will help and enable the student to thrive and reach its full potential.


Strategies to Help Students Thrive

Teachers every year learn the newest strategies that help students in the 21st century.   Some of the

strategies are in the following ways.  It is always a good idea to discover student’s strengths and focus

on what they can do when teaching them new skills.  If the lesson needs to be modified to focus on their

strengths, then that is the primary focus.  In order for your students to use positive feedback, the

teacher then needs to do positive role modeling.  An example of positive role modeling would be for the

teacher to always have supplies ready ahead of time and it shows the student that they can plan ahead

and put their supplies on their desks ahead of time.  The use of assisted technologies, creating a positive

modification, and learning environment is another way for the students to have a successful school year.

An example when using assisted technology, positive modification, and learning environment is the use

of a puppet while doing math problems for a test.  The student talks to the puppet about the steps of

the math problems to the puppet and that helps them to retain the information.   All of these strategies

that are listed will help to enhance the student’s capabilities not only in the classroom, but in higher




Special education educators not only educate the student’s mind, but they care about their whole

well-being.  These special educators help the student to see that their strengths outweigh their

challenges.  Special education in the 21st century helps students gain that strength through many

research capabilities and through educational theories like STEM.  That is why the special education

teacher’s job and the collaborative team is so important; including to promote the strengths of each

student so that the student can thrive not only in school, but throughout their lifespan.



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Written by Marcella H., Novastar Prep Subject Coach.


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