7 Steps to Effective Studying

Step 1: Start as early as possible
Starting early is the best thing you can do for yourself. It gives you ample time to prepare for any new information. Studying should consist of revisiting topics you have already been taught so this is the time to get familiar and catch up with anything you’ve missed. If if you don’t time to start as early as possible skip to the next step.

Step 2: Write a list of topics that will come up in the exam
It is important to understand what is required of you before you go head first on studying. You’ll know exactly what needs to be covered and the work needed to cover it.

Step 3: Go through each topic and highlight key information
You will already have notes on the topics. Now’s the time to grab a highlighter and highlight the key bits of information you will need to study for your exam. As you go through each topic make a note of the ones you still find difficult to understand and enlist the help of a teacher.

Step 4: Find the appropriate textbooks and resources
This step is crucial. You will most likely have a studbook that covers the topics of your subject. You will need this for studying along with your notes.

Step 5: Create a study calendar
Study calendars enable you to stay on track of your goals. In this way you will be less likely to forget or put off studying. Divide the topics into days and decide when to cover each topic. Remember to spread different topics on different days and not to put too much on each day. However, as you get closer to the exam date it you should be adding more days onto your study calendar.

Step 6: Make notes
It can be tempting to head straight to practicing exam questions but you are less likely to do well in them if you have not already revisited the information you are going to be tested on. Go over each of the topics you have highlighted from your notes and look this up in your study book or online resources and make new notes. Writing down information instead of simply reading them helps you memorize better.

Step 7: Practice questions
Once you have taken notes you’ll be in a better position to answer questions. Revisit the questions you found difficult. Repeat the process of taking practice questions and revisiting the topics you struggled on until you get better at them.

Written by: Malia Choudhury


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