5 Tips to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Live long enough and you will understand that the entire life is full of making decisions.  Those decisions are often followed by actions which directly impact the outcomes we seek.  Therefore, achieving desired outcomes depends on making good decisions which require critical thinking skills.


Critical thinking is a valuable skill that anyone can improve with the right process.  Here are five tips to help you solve problems more efficiently and make better decisions.


A chemistry teacher Samantha Agoos explains a simple system for approaching any problem or tough decision in your life.  We have simplified it below.


  1. Formulate your question: Know what you’re looking for very specifically. If you’re considering going on a diet, for example, know whether you’re trying to lose weight, have more energy, or just to improve your nutrition.  Break things down to their base level.
  2. Gather your information: Now that you know what’s relevant to your problem or decision, research it. Reach out to an expert, read up on the subject, or talk to people who have experience with the same subject matter.
  3. Apply the information and ask critical questions: What concepts are at work? What assumptions exist? Is your interpretation of the information logically sound?
  4. Consider the implications: Look beyond the short-term and think about how your decision will shape things in the long-term.  Something that will benefit you now may not benefit you in the future.  What’s at stake? What can go wrong?
  5. Explore other points of view: By understanding other perspectives, you learn more about the subject.  You’re also given an opportunity to reflect on the information you have and how you feel.  For example, if you learn why people are against the diet you’re considering, that may affect your decision.


By incorporating these five steps, you’ll always be approaching decisions with the right amount of thought and logic.


Written by one of Novastar Prep founders. 

Novastar Prep’s “Learner-Centric” teaching method is based on critical thinking models that help students achieve academic excellence and build inner confidence.


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