“I have only good things to say about Novastar Prep. My son, Myles, has a great connection with his tutor Jonathan—he gets along with him like a friend. Myles will often text Jonathan the night before a math test for a few last-minute pieces of advice and equations. We noticed a positive change right off the bat and his grades improved within 2 to 3 weeks! He is learning so much more with Jonathan than he ever has with his teachers, and it gives me peace of mind to know that Jonathan can figure out exactly what Myles’ trouble areas are and focus on them. Having Jonathan come to the house has boosted my son’s comfort level, and more importantly his confidence, immensely!”


Deborah Goodale, parent of 10th grade Math student



“Jonathan is tutoring my daughter, Hannah, in honors geometry and with his advice and guidance she has gained a better grasp of the material, her grades have improved and she has higher confidence. This is the first time she has ever looked forward to tutoring sessions! I was extremely satisfied with the consultation process. The education advisor really listened to my worries and Hannah was paired with the best possible tutor for her needs. Jonathan is so patient, gives many examples and is always encouraging. So far we are having a great experience with Novastar Prep.”


Yasmin Jamil, parent of Honors Geometry student



“The consultation process with Novastar Prep was very helpful. The education advisor listened to me and took good care of my daughter’s needs. Kayla is making progress—she is managing her homework and is much better prepared for her chemistry and geometry classes. Her tutors don’t only help her with her current work but move ahead in her books so she is ready for upcoming classes. She has a smile on her face now because she’s achieving results.”


Susan Deehan, parent of Chemistry, Geometry and SAT Prep student


“My entire experience with Novastar Prep has been positive. You guys really know what you’re doing! I am thrilled to have Alejandro tutoring my daughter, Emily, in geometry. He is so professional and has a way of keeping her focused. Now when I ask her, “Are you learning? she says, “Yes.” Her confidence is higher and she has a better understanding of the material—without Alejandro she would be completely lost. He is absolutely the right fit for her, and I know because I hear them laughing together during the sessions. Everything is great and I have nothing but good things to say!”


Jodi Hahlweg, parent of Geometry student 



“Our tutor Carl is awesome! He and my son Omar work very well together and I can see a huge difference in Omar’s grades and confidence level. Thank you for pairing us with Carl. He is smart and friendly, yet also professional and punctual.”


--Naghmana Khan, parent of Algebra I student



“I’ve only been using Novastar Prep for a short time, but you are doing everything right. I have tried two other tutoring agencies, but they were very strict with their schedules and availabilities. I have three kids, and Novastar Prep was the only tutoring company flexible enough to meet my needs. I’ve told all of my friends about it! It’s a lifesaver to work with an accommodating tutor and change the weekly schedule as needed. I have such a high-regard for our tutor Jonathan. He is a great match for us. My son is getting help preparing for tests and his overall confidence is higher. Please don’t change anything! Everything about Novastar Prep feels individualized and personal, not corporate. I only have good things to say!”


--Cynthia Miller, parent of Math student




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